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Jon Egen is the "go-to guy" for supply chain management. He is always my first choice when I or my clients need an expert consultant in the supply chain industry. From strategic planning and global sourcing, to cost-reduction and process improvement, Jon always brings the vision, experience and leading-edge techniques to get the job done efficiently and effectively. I whole-heartedly recommend Jon Egen for all your supply chain management needs.



Mike Holston

Vice President - Aviation Programs


Supply Chain Thought Leadership

Supply Chain Thought Leadership is the gateway to tap into the talent, experience, and passion inside your business, or from your industry, to consistently answer the biggest questions and ideas for supply chain management and the impact on your bottom line.

Organizational Development

We help companies move to the next level in their maturity and growth through changes in approach and structure to improve agility, leadership, and job satisfaction across the organization.

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A company’s strongest asset is its people, and their skills and expertise.  We work with you to develop the approach and create the processes and tools to identify and manage gaps, progress and status to enable people to grow new skills or keep skills current.

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Today’s global supply chain has to deal higher levels of risk of disruption than ever before.  A detailed, robust risk mitigation plan is the key to sustaining operations when (not if) the disruption occurs.  We provide the training and the tools to create the plan.

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Strategy Design and Development

We concentrate on providing the approach and the framework for the design and development of an end-to-end integrated supply chain strategy for the complete  organization.

Productivity Improvements

Using a proprietary integrated approach, we work with your team to identify and implement improvements in Cost, Quality, Delivery, and Service in production or service operations, with suppliers, and in front or back office functions.

Reaching a Deal

Acquisition Integration

We provide due-diligence analysis of acquisition targets, and integration support for organization/people, processes, systems, suppliers and technology to deliver on the expected synergies opportunities identified during the acquisition process.

Sourcing in Low-Cost Countries

Using our global sourcing resource network, we provide the ability to quickly identify near-shore and off-shore suppliers in low-cost regions, to manage or support the sourcing and transition processes, or to establish operations is a low-cost country industrial shelter park.

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Negotiations Leadership

We lead or support the strategy, preparation and conduct of negotiations of any type and complexity at both the strategic sourcing and the tactical execution level.  We also provide the training and tools to increase the achievement of the Most Favorable Outcome for your company.



Successful leaders know that having a coach is a best practice.  Leaders will have direct access to senior-level executives with decades of relevant hands-on experience for individual coaching and personal development growth and mentorship.

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